LG Repair
Call 01355 222438

18 Whin Place, East Kilbride G74 3XS

LG Repair
Call 01355 222438

18 Whin Place, East Kilbride G74 3XS

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LG Repair East Kilbride

We Repair All Common LG Smartphone Faults

LG Screen Replacement

All LG models are welcome. We can do your LG screen repair while you wait!

LG Speaker Repair

Speaker repair. If the loudspeaker on your LG is on but no sound comes out then you need to fix your speaker. It’s time to see us.

LG Ear Piece Repair

If you are connected on a call but always struggle to hear the other person then your ear piece needs fixing. Call us today.

LG Microphone Repair

Microphone repair. If the person you are calling starts struggling to hear you the mike on your phone needs to be fixed. It is time to see us.

LG Water Damage

If your LG phone has been submerged in water, bring it to us for a quick look. Please note that we have a £15 surcharge for water damage testing whether it is fixable or not.

LG Camera Repair

When your LG phone camera stops working and pictures get blurred or videos stop filming altogether we can fix that. Call us today 01355 222438.


Charging port or lightning connector repair. We can clean out your sockets or replace them altogether.

LG Phone Batttery Replacement

We have batteries in stock. If your LG phone stops holding charge and starts feeling like it constantly needs recharging, come and see us.

Unlock LG Handset

Where applicable we can help you get your phone unlocked.

LG Home Button Repair

Get that sticky or non-functioning home button fixed. We can do this for you quickly.

LG Phone Repair East Kilbride

All LG Smartphone Models Welcome

LG screen repair. We fix all LG models; LG Optimus G,LG Optimus G Pro,LG G2,LG G3,LG G4,LG G5,LG G6 and LG G3 Stylus plus more.

Visit us at 18 Whin Place, East Kilbride G74 3XS. We repair or replace broken screens on all LG smartphone mobile phones. We also repair PC computers, video game consoles such as the Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and the popular Playstation PS4 series all from our East Kilbride unit. Further to that we also repair iPhone, iPad, LG, Nokia and ALL other Mobile Phones. We serve East Kilbride, Glasgow, Blantyre, Hamilton, Motherwell, Airdrie, Strathaven, Eaglesham, Clarkston, Busby and beyond. We can collect your LG phone and deliver them back to you when repaired from anywhere in the UK. You can call us on 01355 222438 to discuss LG repair and troubleshoot any headaches you may have.

Directions to EKrepairs, 18 Whin Place East Kilbride G74 3XS

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Over 33 Years of Experience

Call Now To Book Your LG Repair

01355 222438

Over 33 Years of Experience

Call Now To Book Your LG Repair

01355 222438

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Client Testimonials


Fantastic service!
My son’s PC wasn’t working.
Difficult to get to the bottom of but they fixed it. They kept me fully informed throughout. Can’t thank them enough

Mrs L.
Stewartfield, East Kilbride

Very good service and I highly recommend.

John McRory
Greenhills, East Kilbride

LG Phone Repair East Kilbride

All LG Phones Welcome

Visit EK Repairs today to get your LG smartphone fixed.

We fix broken screens, replace batteries and water damage. Other repairs include ear piece, connectors, home buttons, camera and anything else you may need help with.

Come to EKrepairs 18 Whin Place East Kilbride G74 3XS or call 01355 222438.

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For all your repair needs call us on 07936814461.
Or simply pop in to EKrepairs 20 Whin Place East Kilbride G74 3XS.

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