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East Kilbride Gadget Repairs

We are East Kilbride (EK) Repairs Centre based at 18 Whin Place, East Kilbride Scotland G74 3XS.

We repair PC computers, video game consoles such as the Xbox360, Nintendo Wii and the popular Playstation PS3 series in East Kilbride unit. Further to that we also repair iPads,iPhones,Laptops, Apple Iphones, Ipods, Blackberry, Nokia and other Mobile Phones. We operate in East Kilbride, Glasgow, Blantyre, Hamilton, Motherwell, Airdrie. We can collect your items and deliver them back to you when repaired from anywhere in the UK.

You can contact us anytime to discuss gadget repairs and trouble shoot any console headaches you may have.


we repair all Nokia lumia models we repair all iPad iPhone iPod models we repair all Tablet PC models we repair all laptop and PC computer models EKrepairs